2009-12-06 While waiting the snow

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When talking to abroad about my homeland it’s almost immidiately related to snow. A pair of days ago I was taking a little hike to take care of some geocaches of mine. I’ve been geocaching for awhile and for you who does not know what geocaching is: the basic idea is to locate hidden containers – geocaches – outdoors and then share your experiences online.
I had a weird feeling hiking because the November snow had melted away and ground was so plain, kind of sorry looking. The earth was waiting the snow to fall again.
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The ground was muddy and almost all the vegetation had died. Still there was this nice looking green moss over tree trunks. I stopped and wondered about the nature and it’s ways of doing things; some things fall and die for other things to flourish like those aspen or willow trunks and the green moss. Such a moments in the nature keeps your own worries in perspective. One do not need to think about yesterday, not to think about tomorrow. One needs to live this day.
So Happy Independence Day, Finland! Let’s live this day without worries!
Yours Truly,
Niko Paulanne