2009-11-04 Old Canon camera – AE-1

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Canon cameras: they have a really good feel on them when held on the hand. All the buttons seem to be at the right places. Menus work like they should. Surely I understand that this is only because I’ve been shooting with Canon so long. Actually I do remember that day when I shot my first Canon photos.
Canon AE-1
Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Canon_AE-1.JPG
Journey in the Canon world began when little boy grabbed mother’s camera and started shooting photos of wall and ceiling. Funny thing I remember the sound of shutter and texture of ceiling. But I do not remember putting my eye to the viewfinder… After that first meeting with the Canon cameras I did not use Canon AE-1 again until I was 23 years old. My mother handed two Canon camera bodies over to me and wanted me to check them out just to make sure they were still in working condition. I was thrilled to hold the old Canon AE-1 again in my hand. I bought some film and shot some photos. Oh my, I do not even remember anymore what kind of photos I took. But I remember the feeling: I was happy and excited, I wanted to photograph, I wanted to learn and see the world through the lens.
Those same feelings runs through me again when I take my Canon digital cameras and head to shoot client photosessions. I’m thrilled to see what kind of jubilee my client has put together. Every single jubilee has it’s own personality, every person celebrating is unique, every single photographing session is unique. It does not matter if there is hundreds of people or if there is just one family celebrating, there are always those little moments where magic happens. The magic, the chemistry between people.
I’m in love, because of that very same magic. I’m in love to photograph.