The Best Camera is The Camera You Have With You

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For awhile I have wanted to post about something small and handy: camera gear which I seem to take all over the places. I’m also strong believer of the mantra “the best camera is the camera you have with you”. This small and handy means to me something in my own pocket: mobile phone cameras. They are not for faint hearted photographers: they are – well, they are just what they are – mobile phone cameras.

Mobile phone cameras do not have great many megapixels, they do not have good lenses or they do not have any zoom options. But they are with you. I wanted to do something different on our monthly fun Photowalking – Valokuvauskävely Tampere meeting. I wanted to take photos only with my mobile phone camera. And make it more fun, I wanted to edit also these images in my mobile phone. So here they are – images from my mobile phone. Afterwards I only imported these images to Lightroom to add the logo and reduce image size, nothing else was edited more.

And for last, if you like these images and want to same kind, here is the recipe:

  • iPhone 3GS with 3 (yes three) megapixel camera
  • iPhone software Photoshop Mobile (it’s free!)
  • for panoramas I recommend AutoStitch Panorama (2,99$ which I consider cheap in relation to what AutoStitch Panorama can do).

Now question to you: Do you use the best camera?