2009-10-16 Tallinn – Estonia in October

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Yes, I have to admit that I had not visited Tallinn Estonia before. That’s something odd considered I’m living here in Finland and because every year hundreds of thousands of visits is done from Finland to Estonia. I had wonderful time in the capital city and I try to give you a couple of highlights where to visit in October and in a bit cold weather.
Our three day trip to Tallinn Estonia started from Helsinki harbour. There we took Eckerö line ferry m/s Norlandia for a few hour over sea trip to Estonia. We had booked our hotel, hotel l’Ermitage, online and booking was an easy process. The hotel was a good small one with friendly and helpful staff.
In Tallinn in October when the weather can be a bit harsh, you may wonder what one can do in such a weather. Luckily there is lot’s of things to see. The very first one is just to wander around the medieval old city of Tallinn. Wind can blow your socks off when walking those little medieval alleys but what a better reason to time to time hop into one of those nice small coffee shops. Cakes and pastry are delicious!
Because we were visiting Tallinn – Estonia from the start of the week, some of the museums was closed, but not all of them. One nice place in the old town we visited was the Photo Museum. They have a fine exhibition covering early days of Estonian photography, but this little museum is also build in in the former Town Council’s Prison. One treat more to check the place out. If you’re interested in the history of the Talliin Estonia, visit the City Museum, they got a really nice exhibition. This museum is a bit larger so do not just go in for a fast visit, lot’s of good informative reading is available in the exhibition.
One thing a like to do in my travels is to take photos but also travel light. Long walk-arounds in the new city and heavy camera equipment is not my thing. All the photos below are taken with my old trusted mobile phone, the camera I have always with me and have fun taking photos with.
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In autumn trees get a cover of colourful leaves and a nice park to witness October colours is Kadriorg Park. In the park is Kadriorg Palaceand the Estonian president’s residence. To the park one can go with with tram number 1, which also our choice. If the weather is good, the distance is not so great to just have a walk from old town to the Kadriog Park.
If you have some of your own highlights from Tallinn Estonia in October or autumn, please share and write a comment!