What are the benefits of a Google Workspace account?

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I am just a variety of operating over the Internet cloud services staunch supporter. For example, I only use my financial management system over the Internet. As a self-employed person, I do not have the time or money to install all possible business applications on my own servers and especially not the time to maintain all these necessary services.

Many of us are familiar with cloud services. Several of us have created a Google Account for ourselves to access various Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, Youtube, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc., etc. Google has a fair number of services that are easy to access and, most importantly, easy to access directly from your Internet browser.

So what’s the benefit of a Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps) account for a small business owner over a regular Google Account?

A Google Workspace account is like your very own email server, but it’s hosted on secure, 24-hour-a-day servers. Almost all the services of a regular Google Account are still available to you. In addition, you can use the Google Workspace Marketplace community applications in your Google Workspace account. Perhaps the most important community applications, I think, are customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and time and attendance.

With a Google Workspace account, you can create more new user accounts “on your own server”, which means that if you have your own employees, you can create an email account for them yourself. This gives your new or old employees instant access to the apps you’ve added for everyone to use.

The best thing about a small business with a Google Workspace account, I think, is that you can get a Google Workspace account at a low cost of about $ 6 / user per month.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Google Workspace Marketplace community apps first, and then decide if moving your email services to the cloud might be timely.

I can turn your email transfer to a Google Workspace account on a turnkey basis for you, so all you and your employees need to do is sign in to your new account and start using Google services like shared documents, groups, shared calendars right away. If you need help with your own transfer, take contact , and I will be happy to help you!

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