Summer wedding memories: Maarit and Baddy

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I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous when I first met Maarit and Baddy in Tampere spring time. The couple from Netherlands seemed to be so much of my dream wedding couple that I was nervous would they like me. But Maarit and Baddy were both outgoing, superiously in love, happy, funny and really nice so I think we straight away “clicked” and talked so much about their wedding already in the first meeting. I was so happy that they were totally the dream wedding couple!
Maarit and Baddy’s wedding day in June arrived fast. The weather was amazing, warm and sunny with some occasional clouds to cool the temperature down. It was a perfect weather for perfect wedding day. We had decided to start the wedding with “First Look” -session because Maarit had not seen Baddy all dressed up for wedding and Baddy hadn’t also seen Maarit in her beautiful wedding dress. I picked up Baddy from hotel and we went to wait for Maarit near Tammerkoski-canal. Baddy was looking quite cool when waiting, but I could tell that when I said Maarit and the car is over there, I could see he got really excited.

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And I was right! Baddy was really, really excited to see his beutiful bride. And I can tell, when Maarit saw Baddy, the look in the Maarit’s eyes was so, so bright. “First Look” is truly powerful experience: as I’m alone with my camera witnessing the joy and happiness of my wedding couples , I sometimes get really emotional too. Oh my, I love so much my job! From the shores of the Tammerkoski Maarit and Baddy headed to Tuomiokirkko, which is by far the most good looking castle like church in Tampere. Tuomiokirkko is one of my favourites in Tampere, although wedding photographer needs to be quick on his or her feet to get from one side to other side – church is quite big, also from inside. Happy to have quick feet! From Tampere center it was time to get wedding guests on board old renovated steamboat M/S Intti and head towards venue place Villa Näsirinne. The decorations Maarit and Baddy had chosen to Villa Näsirinne was amazing: purple and rosy reds, little bit of blue – it was so inspirational! Same time as cake was cut, there were a shower of rain and everyone got to see a glimpse of double rainbow. Oh my, did I say it was perfect wedding day! And the party went on… Thank you so much that I could be part of your super fun wedding day Maarit and Baddy! I’m so happy for you Maarit and Baddy, for triple reason! 🙂

Vendors together in wedding:
Venue place and catering – Villa Näsirinne
Transportation – M/S Intti – renovated steamboat