Helsinki Trash the Dress part 1

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On Sunday we had a fun photographying session with four brides or brides to be, and really talented bunch of photogs (Anna Jarske, Maria Hedengren, Niki Stribian, Arto Ketola, Mikko Reinikainen and Oka Morikawa).

We started our fun at the old, pretty decadent industrial district Suvilahti.


Check out couple of more “behind the scenes” images…


From Suvilahti we drove through the city to gather last rays of sunshine in Lauttasaari. Lauttasaari has superb scenery to the sea, and the fall colours gave also lot’s of fun backgrounds to the trash the dress -photos.

Couple of brides was really brave and wanted to have some photos taken as they were posing in the cold, cold water.

I had a blast, happy times with fellow photogs. Hope we can make this kind of workshop-like photosession again some time in the near future!

More of the Helsinki Trash the Dress -session in my future blog posts!